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Doowop2Soul Show Doowop2Soul Show Playlist #042

Scroll down the page to see the playlist for Show #042 to see the Artist, Title, Label and Year (if known), listed by hour (1st and 2nd) followed by the numbered record order.
DooWop2Soul Show
Hr./# Artist Song/Title Label Year
1-1 INTRO -
Chuck Alaimo Quartet
Leap Frog Ken 57
1-2 Royal teens, ft. Joey Villa The Moon's Not Meant For Lovers Anymore Capitol 60
1-3 Moonglows Gee Crimson 64
1-4 Tides Who Told You 620 64
1-5 Sweethearts Come And Go With Me Diskotek ?
1-6 Linda Perry & Group Everyone Has Someone Mainstream 74
1-7 Hollywood Playboys Ding, Dong, School Is Out Sure 60
1-8 Roulettes / Five Orleans The way You carry On Ebb 57
1-9 Tony Rice & Group My Darling Y-O-U Action 61
1-10 Ecstasies That Lucky Old Sun Amy 62
1-11 Sammy Hagan & The Viscounts Out Of Your Heart Capitol 58
1-12 Sammy Hagan & The Viscounts Tail Light Capitol 57
1-13 Sammy Hagan & The Viscounts Don't Cry Capitol 57
1-14 Donny Marchand I Confess Mohawk 64
1-15 Velvets Everybody Knows Plaid 59
1-16 Mack Vickery Fantasy Gone 60
1-17 Joe & The Overtones Tiny Cloud Little 58
1-18 Smiley Moon & The Moontunes You Don't Understand Star 61
1-19 Victor Knight I Guess It Might Be Love Ron Cris 62
1-20 Vickie Vote Angel Baby Imperial 69
1-20 Little Sonny Warner & Big Jay McNeely Band My Dear Darling Swingin 60
2-1 Stan Vincent & The Del Satins Please Be Mine Comet 61
2-2 Tuxedos, Ft. Stan Beverly Yes It's True Forte 58
2-3 Joe Simmons Never Disobey Your Heart Comet 62
2-4 Bob-O-Links / Memories I Promise Hi Ho 62
2-5 Billy Kid & The Madisons First Time Madison 61
2-6 Billy Marsh & Group Run And Tell Arrow 59
2-7 MYSTERY RECORD Little Miss Hipshake ? ?
2-8 The Premiers & The Invictas Magic Of Love F-M 63
2-9 Standards Everybody Knows Glenden 63
2-10 Miller Sisters Please Mr. Disc Jockey Miller 60
2-11 Linda Jones Your Precious Love Turbo 71
2-12 Herman Nicjols & Group Sticking With You Poplar 62
2-13 Comer Money Lonely World Money 65
2-14 Lenore Bifield & Group Lies Sketch 64
2-15 Richie Dickinson You Broke My Heart Class 60
2-16 Johnny Knight & The Marksmen New Years Resolution Jarnal 63
2-17 Bobby James & The Innocents 500 Tears Ago Indigo 63
2-18 Bobby Joy Letter From A Soldier Sentry 67
2-19 Hulie & The Tiffs The Name Of The Game Is Called Love Soulville ?
2-20 ENDER
Goodnight Sweetheart V.J. 58
DooWop2Soul Show
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DooWop2Soul Show
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Even though Jan and Nay both have extensive vinyl record collections, if neither has a copy of the actual vinyl record they may play it from a CD or a copy loaned from a friendly resource! Please give your request time as some records are very hard to find.

DooWop2Soul Show
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DooWop2Soul Show
DooWop2Soul Show


DooWop2Soul Show
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