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Doowop2Soul Show Doowop2Soul Show Playlist #034

Scroll down the page to see the playlist for Show #034 to see the Artist, Title, Label and Year (if known), listed by hour (1st and 2nd) followed by the numbered record order.
DooWop2Soul Show
Hr./# Artist Song/Title Label Year
1-1 INTRO -
Kingsmen Quintet
Movin' Around Hillside ?
1-2 Pat & Lolly Vegas Boom, Boom, Boom (Radda Dadda Da) Reprise 63
1-3 Willie Logan & The Plaids You Conquered Me Jerry-O 64
1-4 Gleams Mr. Magic Moon Kapp 63
1-5 Austin Taylor & Group Lovin' Hands Laurie 61
1-6 Lyrics Let's Be Sweethearts Again Fernwood 60
1-7 Fashions Try My Love Ember 62
1-8 Scavengers The Angels Listened In Mobile Fidelity 64
1-9 Bill & Taffy (Danhoff) Maybe RCA 74
1-10 Narvel Felts Lonely Teardrops ABC / Dot 76
1-11 Tootsie & The Versatiles I've Got A Feeling Elmore 62
1-12 Tawni Sims & Group Goodbye My Love Kiski (Vandergrift P.A.) 62
1-13 Sparks Don't Be a Fool Path 65
1-14 Lory Bianco Teenager In Love RCA 80
1-15 Jesse Lankford My Special Angel Tribe 65
1-16 Townsmen You're Having The Last Dance With Me Event 60
1-17 Richard Parker Welcome To Paradise Philips 63
1-18 Rudy Lewis & Group I've Loved You So Long Atlantic 63
1-19 Cliff Wagner & Group When Your Dancin' Jolum 64
1-20 Rick Sheldon Why Does My Baby Cry Mansion 73
1-20 Van Dykes Rock-A-Bye Girl Green Sea 65
2-1 Freddie Scott & Group Running Home J&S 56
2-2 Zen Fuller Little Sister Acamat 62
2-3 Jimmy Hall The Heartaches That You Bring U.A. ?
2-4 Rosettes It Must Be Love Herald 61
2-5 First Platoon Ten Ways SPQR 62
2-6 Betty Hall & Group I'm On A Holiday Ember 63
2-7 Skulites Oh Happy Day Ta Rah 61
2-8 Palisades Close Your Eyes Calico 60
2-9 Ronnie Hayden S.O.S. (I Love You) Camay 61
2-10 Jackie Peterson High On A Hill Capitol ?
2-11 Delmar Depending On You Fury 60
2-12 Tommy Pleasant Confused Travel ?
2-13 Denny Paul Reason For Living Imperial 63
2-14 Vin Vincente & Group I'm In Your Corner All The Time Swingin 63
2-15 Tony Calvin & The Terrytones I'll Show Them Radar 62
2-16 Richy C Sometimes Alta Vista ?
2-17 Frantic Freddie & The Pre Teens Love 'Em And Leave 'Em Whiterock 66
2-18 GiGi parker & The Lonelies In This Room MGM 64
2-19 Fred Hughs You Can't Take It Away Vee Jay ?
2-20 Gail Anderson They're Laughing At Me Shell ?
2-21 Mark James I Can't Let You Go Liberty ?
2-22 ENDER
Goodnight Sweetheart V.J. 58
DooWop2Soul Show
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DooWop2Soul Show
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Even though Jan and Nay both have extensive vinyl record collections, if neither has a copy of the actual vinyl record they may play it from a CD or a copy loaned from a friendly resource! Please give your request time as some records are very hard to find.

DooWop2Soul Show
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