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Doowop2Soul Show Doowop2Soul Show Playlist #031

Scroll down the page to see the playlist for Show #031 to see the Artist, Title, Label and Year (if known), listed by hour (1st and 2nd) followed by the numbered record order.
DooWop2Soul Show
Hr./# Artist Song/Title Label Year
1-1 INTRO -
Lee Allen & His Band
Tic Toc Ember 58
1-2 THE MYSTERY RECORD Little Miss Hipshake - ?
1-3 Variations The Time Dionn 68
1-4 Jim Jeff & Jan Starbright Capitol 63
1-5 Billy Champ & Group Hush-A-Bye ABC Paramount 63
1-6 The Daughters Of Eve A Thousand Stars Cadet 68
1-7 Billy Champ & Group Believe Me ABC Paramount 63
1-8 The King And Queens Open The Door Dore 61
1-9 Peanut Holley & Group We Must Part K & C 59
1-10 The King And Queens Freeway Dore 61
1-11 Cheques A Thousand Miles Away Sur Speed 69
1-12 Pat Carroll & Group I Only Have Eyes For You Brent 66
1-13 Lucky Clark & Group Two Kinds Of People Chess 61
1-14 Ivories Me And You Mercury 57
1-15 Javalans Cynthia Event 58
1-16 Jimmy Harrison & Group Geometry Of Love Atco 59
1-17 Gaylord And Holiday What's Your Name Verve 66
1-18 Johnny Carl & Group How Will It End Gone 62
1-19 Maria Korda To Know Him Is To Love Him Ultima 64
1-20 Limmie B. Goode & Group Dancing Angel Columbia 61
1-21 Galaxies Dear Someone Richie 62
1-22 Cozytones Little Flirt Willow 58
2-1 Neons My Lover Waldon 61
2-2 Neons Magic Moment Challenge 62
2-3 Ricardo King This Is The Moment Joker 64
2-4 Dorothy Berry You're So Fine Challenge 64
2-5 Paul Dino Will You Marry Me Flame ?
2-6 Scott English (There'll Be Bluebirds Over) The White Cliffs Of Dover Dot 60
2-7 Scott English & The Accents All I Want Is You Spokane 64
2-8 Scott English & The Soul Survivors When Sultan 64
2-9 Pat & Lolly Vegas Don't You Remember Apogee 64
2-10 Luvs We Kiss In The Shadows Stallion 63
2-11 Apollo Brothers My Beloved One Cleveland 60
2-12 Tune Tones Please, Baby Please Herald 58
2-13 Donnie Owens Ask Me Anything Guyden 59
2-14 Earl & Jimmy We Have It Made Cash Sales 63
2-15 Linda Perry Everyone Has Someone Main Stream 74
2-16 Four Seasons (Pittsburgh) Mirage Robbee 64
2-17 Sandra & The Highlanders Written In The Stars Highland 61
2-18 Little Willie John Every Beat Of My Heart King ?
2-19 Chris Bartell I Can't Stand To See You Cry Vando ?
2-20 ENDER
Goodnight Sweetheart V.J. 58
DooWop2Soul Show
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DooWop2Soul Show
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Even though Jan and Nay both have extensive vinyl record collections, if neither has a copy of the actual vinyl record they may play it from a CD or a copy loaned from a friendly resource! Please give your request time as some records are very hard to find.

DooWop2Soul Show
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DooWop2Soul Show


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