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Doowop2Soul Show Doowop2Soul Show Playlist #026

Scroll down the page to see the playlist for Show #026 to see the Artist, Title, Label and Year (if known), listed by hour (1st and 2nd) followed by the numbered record order.
DooWop2Soul Show
Hr./# Artist Song/Title Label Year
1-1 INTRO -
Ernie Feilds
In The Mood Rendezvous 60
1-2 Erlene & The Girlfriends My Dada Said Old Town 63
1-3 Tears Hurt Astranaut 65
1-4 Charlie Henderson & The Minor Chords Fire Flick 59
1-5 Dynamos No One But You Azuza 64
1-6 Johnny Rand I'm Yours Keno 67
1-7 Mike & The Utopians Erlene Cee Jay 60
1-8 Little Eva Sugar Plum Unreleased ?
1-9 Major Lance Ain't No Soul Okeh ?
1-10 Pearl Dowdell It's All Over Saadia ?
1-11 Jerry Ray Signed Sam Gan 65
1-12 Bobby Shannan Your Last Goodbye Sounded Different Adair ?
1-13 Lee Estes You And Johnny Smith Hope ?
1-14 Five Shades Vickie Veep 65
1-15 Vivian Jones Open Arms Twirl ?
1-16 Duvals Cotton Boss 63
1-17 Delaires While Walking MBS 60
1-18 Hilighters Sweet Little Baby Of Mine Cannon 59
1-19 Emjays Cross My Heart Greenwich 63
1-20 Wilson Pickett My Heart Belongs To You Cub 62
1-21 Kartunes Raindrops MGM 57
1-22 Only Three Dee Jay Ball Walana 66
2-1 Johnny Dawn Walking Down The Ave. Swirl 61
2-2 Gatervettes If It's Tonight Bocaldun 59
2-3 Arvettes Pledge Of Love Ideal 66
2-4 Little Joe & The Thrillers Peanuts Okeh 57
2-4 Little Joe & The Thrillers I Love You For Sentimental Reasons 20th Century 61
2-4 Little Joe Cook I'll Never Let You Go Okeh 59
2-4 Little Joe & The Thrillers The Echoes Keep Calling Me Okeh 57
2-4 Little Joe Cook It's Been A Long Time Okeh 59
2-4 Little Joe Cook Stay Okeh 60
2-10 Daylighters You're Breaking My Baby's Heart Bea & Baby 59
2-11 Jimmy Harrison Geometry Of Love Atco 59
2-12 Jimmy Evans & The Jesters Messy Bessy Shimmy 60
2-13 Sinceres Forbidden Love Jordon 60
2-14 John McCook White Orchid Gone 62
2-15 Dick Bardi & The Orchids Stormy Weather Maestro ?
2-16 Robert Klein Fabulous 50's Brut 73
2-17 Billy Joe Royal Wisdom Of A Fool Columbia 67
2-18 Pic & Bill Moments Like These Smash 67
2-19 James Powell Beverly Angel Christy ?
2-20 Peggy And Bob Most Precious Harvard 59
2-21 ENDER
Goodnight Sweetheart V.J. 58
DooWop2Soul Show
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DooWop2Soul Show
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