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Doowop2Soul Show Doowop2Soul Show Playlist #021

Scroll down the page to see the playlist for Show #021 to see the Artist, Title, Label and Year (if known), listed by hour (1st and 2nd) followed by the numbered record order.
DooWop2Soul Show
Hr./# Artist Song/Title Label Year
1-1 INTRO -
Instrumental 5
Chop Suey Rock Okeh 57
1-2 Five Sounds Good Time Baby Baritone 60
1-3 Classics Let Me Dream Crest 59
1-4 Planets Mr. Moon Roulette 64
1-5 Plants My Girl J+S 58
1-6 Dan & The Clean Cut Clan The Prefect Example Accent 62
1-7 Little Otis Baby I Need You Tamla 62
1-8 Fraternity Men Little Star Courier 64
1-9 Titones Symbol Of Love Scepter 59
1-10 Del Lards Little Darling Stop 65
1-11 Dave Love Baby Hard Times Worlds ?
1-12 DeLites Lover Cuppie ?
1-13 Denise Chandler I'm Walking Away Lock ?
1-14 Debonaires Every Once In A While Dore 59
1-15 Tides Ring A Ding Dong Dore 61
1-16 Brentwoods Midnight Star Dore 60
1-17 Sammy & The Parliaments Win Yourself A Lover Arnold 60
1-18 Billy Barnette Marlene Parkway 61
1-19 Don Press & Group Ask The Robin Laurie 59
1-20 Walter Warren & The Delongs You're Never Too Young Artflow ?
1-21 Judy Brown & Group Heaven And Paradise Fifo 64
1-22 Duvells How Come Rust 63
2-1 Lillian Dorr The Thrill Is Gone Cotrrectone 63
2-2 Dradford Dennis Wings Of An Angel Canadian ?
2-3 Charlie Partee How Come Cub 60
2-4 Gladiolas, Ft. Muarice Williams Hey Little Girl Excello 57
2-5 Gladiolas Little Darlin' Excello 57
2-6 Zodiacs We're Lovers Herald Album ?
2-7 Zodiacs May I Dee Su / V.J. 65
2-8 Zodiacs Always Herald 60
2-9 Zodiacs Stay Herald 60
2-10 Hideways I'm Coming Home Ronni 55
2-11 Genos Wishful Dreaming Sundance ?
2-12 John Price Land Of Love Big Top 62
2-13 Charles Perrywell & the Fairlanes Come Along Tic Toc ?
2-14 Gerry Wright & The Domains Do You Remember Lanjo 60
2-15 Five Kings Tina Yvette 64
2-16 Covinas Five Minutes More Hilton ?
2-17 Ronnie Drake My DReam Girl Lond ?
2-18 Johnny Dot & The Dashes I Love An Angel Vaca ?
2-19 Carole & Connie Our Star Imperial 58
2-20 Bobby Chase Missing Someone Ascot 65
2-21 Eddie Bryan Your Lips Arlen 63
2-22 ENDER
Goodnight Sweetheart V.J. 58
DooWop2Soul Show
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DooWop2Soul Show
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Even though Jan and Nay both have extensive vinyl record collections, if neither has a copy of the actual vinyl record they may play it from a CD or a copy loaned from a friendly resource! Please give your request time as some records are very hard to find.

DooWop2Soul Show
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DooWop2Soul Show


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