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Scroll down the page to see the Featured Links that Jan and Nay have selected. The links are grouped to include; magazines & publications, books and articles, sites run by fans, and other sites of interest to music collectors.
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  Magazines & Publications
DooWop2Soul Show
Echoes Of The Past Magazine

To order a copy contact Bobby on email:

DooWop2Soul Show DooWop2Soul Show
Echoes of The Past - magazine!
Published and Edited by Bob Belniak

A great quarterly magazine with articles and photos on rock & roll and doowop groups. Contains contributions by Steve Propes on delta numbers; one-of-a-kind "odd ball" group 45's reviews by DooWop2Soul's own Nay Nassar, as well as information and photos.

Some great feature articles are also produced by regular contributors; Bob Bosco, Carl Janusek and with additional articles by Larry Stidom, and other guest writers. Still going strong after 25 years!

P.O. Box 40, Agawam, Ma. 01001-0040

Soul Up North Magazine

To order a copy contact their web site:
Soul Up North

DooWop2Soul Show DooWop2Soul Show
Soul Up North - magazine!
Published and Edited by Howard Earnshaw

Another great quarterly magazine with articles and photos on Soul and R&B, written by fans for fans. With over 75 issues now gone to press there's articles about artists, record reviews and a clanedar of soul events that are the most polular inb the U.K. and Europe!

Regular contributors include; Dave Halsall, Dan Phillips, Daryl Scott, Martin Chippendale, Mark Randall, Craig Butler, Howard Priestley, Wayne Hudson, Martin Scragg, Tony Warot, Randy Lewis, Steve Plumb, Martyn Bird, Shirley Wood, and many, many more, plus yours truly - SoulManJan.

19 Rectory Drive, Kirkheaton, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD5 0JT

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  Books & Articles
DooWop2Soul Show
Gene Pitney Book by Joe Angiolillo

To visit Joe's Web Site
Follow This Link

Gene Pitney presented by Joe Angiolillo
DooWop2Soul Show DooWop2Soul Show
Gene Pitney - His Climb To International Success
by Joeseph Angiolillio

"Gene Pitney", the biography, is a hard cover book, 288 pages with photos, text, memorabilia, stories, and charts. Sixteen pages are in full color!!

Foreword written by GENE PITNEY. The first biography of rock and roll hall of fame singer, GENE PITNEY. "GENE PITNEY, his climb to international success," is a hard cover book about the Hall of Fame rock star, Gene Pitney. The biography contains 288 pages of photos, text, memorabilia, stories, and charts. Sixteen pages are in full color!! Throughout the book, you will find music written by, music recorded by, and music produced by Gene Pitney.

"Gene Pitney, His Climb to International Success" is rated FIVE STARS, the highest rating on Amazon's rating chart.

Listen to Jan and Nay's interview with author Joe Angiolillio
Follow this link and Click Here.

The R & B Book

To order Big Al's Book
e-mail him at:
or click on the book above!

Or write to:
Music House Publishing,
PO BOX 2271,

DooWop2Soul Show DooWop2Soul Show
The R&B Book: A Disc History of Rhythm & Blues 1940-1959
by "Big" Al Pavlow

Al's 111 page paperback book (published in 1983), is the definative history of early R&B. Unlike other publications that jump into Rock 'n' Roll, Al's book highlights the full history of the music of that era, including all the top 20 charts.

"But the popularity of R&B is in its diversity of styles. This is the first book that deals fairly with all of the genres" is a direct quote from "The Eagle" magazine published on April 8, 1982, that interviewed Al just prior to the book launch.

Big Al has been into R&B since school and prompted by a peer's record collection vowed one day to equal, or better it - that he did! After an aprenticeship under local Rhode Island DJ Carl Henry, he joined the Army, stationed overseas he added international releases to his collection. Afdter the military, together with a friend, Al opened the legendary " Big Al's Record Shop" which eventually relocated to downtown Providence, RI. At one time they even became known as the 'Beatles Headquarters.' Later, Al ultimately opened his own store.

He also managed several local bands, including the Ascots, becoming their producer and promoter. It took him 10 years after that to prepare this amazing publication, which is virtually a bible of who sang, played, performed on, and engineered the records.

"The R&B Book" was out of print but Al informed us personally that its now back in reprint!
We found two ISBN numbers that you may want to try when locating the book:
ISBN-10: 0915529009 and ISBN-13: 978-0915529001

Listen to Nay's exclusive interview with author Al Pavlow
Follow this link and Click Here.

Savage Lost Book

To order Jeffs Book
click on the book above!

The LImestone Lounge
DooWop2Soul Show DooWop2Soul Show
Savage Lost
by Jeff Lemlich

Savage Lost is a 416-page book, dealing with Florida's incredible music scenes in the 1960's, along with highlights of what happened before and after that amazing decade.

The main focus is the teen garage bands that seemed to be ubiquitous on every block in every city throughout the state, but the coverage goes way beyond that, including Florida soul music in the 60's, the exciting radio wars that resulted in better music being played (along with more support for local artists) and, let's not forget, narratives and discographies galore!

There's lots of trivia, and answers to questions that record collectors have been asking for decades. This book tells how Florida shook, rattled, and rolled to the sounds of soul and rock 'n roll music, in a time that's been neither duplicated nor surpassed through the years.

Note from the Author:
Since so much information has surfaced in the 16-plus years since the book was published, I started the Limestone Lounge music forum, to share more information about Florida's music scenes. Our members include artists, producers, radio disc jockeys, and music fans, all interacting and sharing the rest of the story.

Follow this link and Click Here to go to the Limestone Lounge, or click on the logo on the left.

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  Doo Wop Music Fan Sites
DooWop2Soul Show
Destination Doo Wop Music Fan Site and Radio Show
DooWop2Soul Show DooWop2Soul Show
Destination DooWop
Doo-Wop Radio Network and MSN Group

If you love real oldies, 50's music, doo-wop and group harmony music - this is the place for you!

Founded by Jungle Jim Arslanian and Yukon Jack, both music fans and collectors, the site features a full schedule of radio programming online, with the support of Destination DooWop's MSN group. The site is filled with interesting tid bits of information and provides lots of links and addiotional information about the groups and where to get some of the music.

You can also buy products and chat to other fans by joining their group.

The Legends Of The Rocking Dutchman is a Radio Show and Web Site
DooWop2Soul Show DooWop2Soul Show
Legends Of the Rocking Dutchman
A Radio Show & Web Site

the Legends of the Rockin' Dutchman, the program that takes you back to the forties and fifties. The war was just over, America was booming and optimistic, and African American sounds were shaping popular music for the whole world as Rock 'n Roll was just to be invented.

That great building blocks music, the Rhythm and Blues, would soon be overlooked and sink into oblivion. But not on this syndicated radio program, where I showcase that influential and important music from the forties and fifties.

Show host Koen, first made his broadcasting debut on the Doowop2Soul Show and was an instant Favotite with listeners, the music of RnB continues beyond the thin line!

The Glen Fisher Doo Wop Revival Radio Show and Web Site
DooWop2Soul Show DooWop2Soul Show
Doo Wop Revival
A Radio Show

Glen Fisher retired in 2010 after spending 40 years working in the field of sports. His first 25 years was in television as a Sportscaster and News Anchor and the last 15 in Suite and Premium Seat sales for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Glen was elected to the Jacksonville Sports Hall of Fame in 1993.

Glen is a Massachusetts native and a graduate of Leland Powers School of Broadcasting in Boston. He served four years in the Marine Corps. He has lived in Jacksonville since 1968.

His hobby is Doo Wop music, and he travels to shows up and down the East Coast to see the groups he grew up with and still listens to and plays on his weekly radio show.

DooWop2Soul Show
  Soul Music & Fan Sites
DooWop2Soul Show
Soulsource Music Fan Site and Forum
DooWop2Soul Show DooWop2Soul Show
A Soul Music Fan Site and Members Forum

A northern soul and rare soul online magazine Featuring the latest in rare and northern soul music news, media, articles, events info, discussion, chat, radio, video and much more.

You can also communicate with other soul fans by joining and becoming a memeber of the online Forum associated with the group.

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  Soul Music Venue & Club Sites
DooWop2Soul Show
Subway Soul, New York club venue
Subway Soul, New York club venue
DooWop2Soul Show DooWop2Soul Show
Subway Soul
A Soul Music Club Venue, Fan and Local Scene Information Site

The SubWAy Soul Club is a fun, vibrant, monthly dance night playing Up-beat 1960's Northern Soul, Motown, Boogaloo and Organ grooves in New York City.

Their music policy is 60's northern soul that appeals to the enthusiastic record buff and general fan of 60's music alike. The crowd includes mods, soulies, scooterists and hipsters of all ages. You will see a colorful array of mod dressers, but there is no dress code. As Lady Dawn (organizer/DJ) was quoted in Crunch magazine, "We are delighted if people want to dress up, but it's really all about the music. You can wear a lamp shade on your head if you want !" (Though so far no one has taken us up on this.)

DJ's are selected from the best in their field from across the States and we often welcome renound guest DJs from across the globe. They'll wow you with their rare vinyl and popular 'floor fillers'. But, you don't have to know a thing about this music to have a great time. Subway Soul like to keep it up beat and keep YOU dancing.!

Follow the link to the Subway Soul web site by clicking on the club logo (to the left). Check out their links to dozens more venues playing soul music around N.Y.

Black Eyed Soul Club, Los Angeles, CA
DooWop2Soul Show DooWop2Soul Show
Black Eyed Soul Club
A Soul Music Club Venue, Fan and Local Scene Information Site

Every second Friday, monthly, the Black Eyed Soul Club meets at The Medusa Lounge, in LOs Angeles to play Underground Mod, Garage, Soul, German Pop and Psychedelic spins. Best Part about the venue is that the Admissio is FREE!

The crowd includes mods, soulies, scooterists and hipsters of all ages, over 21-years of age. The venue opens around 9:00 pm and plays through till 2:00 am.

DJ's are selected from the best available locally, with frequent Guest DJ's. Don't foirget to click on their logo above to visit their MySpace web site for more information.

Emerald City Soul Club, Chicago, IL
DooWop2Soul Show DooWop2Soul Show
Emerald City Soul Club
A Soul Music Club Venue, Fan and Local Scene Information Site

Emerald City Soul Club is in Seattle, WA dedicated exclusively to RARE SOUL from the 60s and Early 70s, Tamla-Motown favorites, with a smattering of 60s RnB, 70s Crossover and Modern on original 45. You will not hear Funk/Ska/Reggae/Freakbeat/Garage/Mod/Hammond Groove, etc. However, we are not in the business of catering to chin-strokers, so if you are interested in coming out, dancing, DJing, having a positive attitude and a goodtime, you are certainly welcome!

Based at the LOFI Performance Gallery, Seattle, Washington, the club meets for a monthly soul night. Don't forget to check out their MySpace web site by clicking their logo above.

Ann Arbor Soul Club, Chicago, IL
DooWop2Soul Show DooWop2Soul Show
Ann Arbor Soul Club
A Soul Music Club Venue, Fan and Local Scene Information Site

The club meets first Fridays @ the Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, MI. Playing original Northern Soul, Tamla-Motown, R&B, Crossover, and Modern Soul 45s from the early 60s to the early 80s.

Resident DJ's include: Brad Hales - People's records, Funk night (Detroit); Robert Wells - The Hop (WCBN FM Ann Arbor 88.3, Tuesday nights from 8pm-9pm est). Don't forget to check out their MySpace web site by clicking their logo above.

Ann Arbor Soul Club, Chicago, IL
DooWop2Soul Show DooWop2Soul Show
Windy City Soul Club
A Soul Music Club Venue, Fan and Local Scene Information Site

The City's finest collectorts in Chicago, IL, meet at the Viaduict Theatre on the first Saturday of evey month. There ia a small admission charge.
Look out for frequent Guest DJ's from the U.S. and around the world!

Original 45's - you'll find NO bootlegs here! WCSC resident DJ's take pride in honoring those artist's that produced this great music and offer it only in its original format! Don't forget to check out their MySpace web site by clicking their logo above.

Charm City Soul Club, Baltimore, MD
DooWop2Soul Show DooWop2Soul Show
Charm City Soul Club
A Soul Music Club Venue, Fan and Local Scene Information Site

Founded in 2005 the Charm City Soul Club runs the soul night Tighten Up the last Friday of every month at the Lithuanian Hall in Baltimore, Maryland.

They specialize in 60s music ranging from northern soul to rocksteady to freakbeat to yeye to ska to funk.

Resident djs may be any of the following: Selector Pablo Fiasco, Mark Zimmin, Americo Valdez, Amanda Otto, Mike Cuesta, Ryan and more! Also featuring guest djs from DC, Philly, New York, and beyond!

Don't forget to check out their MySpace web site by clicking their logo above.

Steel City Soul Club, Pittsburgh, PA
DooWop2Soul Show DooWop2Soul Show
Steel City Soul Club
A Soul Music Club Venue, Fan and Local Scene Information Site

Restless! started in March 2004 by solo selector David "DJ" Riel as a spinoff from earlier mod and reggae nights that he had put together in Pittsburgh. Riel wanted to bring to the Pittsburgh club scene what he had been doing at the Vintage Scooter Rally scene all over America years before, but never found a good breakout until the Moose opened its doors in 2003. Riel took a couple of old turntables, a box of records, and a determination to bring the original sounds of 60's Northern Soul, Southern Funk, Latin Boogaloo, and early Reggae and Ska to the ears of Pittsburgh.

Free Admission (21+ please) from 9pm till 2am at The Smiling Moose (Upstairs), 1306 E Carson St., Southside, Pittsburgh, PH: (412) 431-4668. You can also check out their sweb site at

Don't forget to check out their MySpace web site by clicking their logo above, or visit their own web page at

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