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Welcome to The Doowop 2 Soul Web Site
Thanks for visiting our site and listening to our shows on WGCH, Greenwich, CT (previously on WSLR, Sarasota, FL). Our objective is to bring back the music that has been forgotten. But, we quickly realized, that many of the songs we had collected may have never been heard in the first place.
Nay (I play the Groups) Nassar SoulManJan

Nay I've always loved music and my first forty-five was "Earth Angel" by 'The Penguins'. The year was 1955 and I was thirteen (13) years old. I Grew up in Schenectady, N.Y., and I used to listen to WKBW out of Buffalo, N.Y. and I became hooked on the R&B and Group sounds, by listening to George "Hound Dog" Lorentz late at night.

My collection was built initially by visiting the juke box dealers and the bargain basement bins in the record stores.

In 1973 I secured my first gig as an 'Oldies' Disc Jockey. Now my collection spans the 50's through 70's, with an emphasis on group harmony.

I've always enjoyed featuring the oddballs, the obscure sounds that never made it, but through the passing of the seasons you learn that there's a lot more to the vocal group harmonies and their music than just DooWop.

I think in the end the music is in your blood, and that the magic of DooWop is the good times! Please join Jan and I, as we explore the thin line between DooWop and soul, and re-live those golden sounds and moments again!

SMJI first got into soul by accident. Like many a young teenager my parents sent me to take music classes. One untypical, rainy Saturday in England, class was cancelled so I visited a friend learning to play saxophone. He played such great licks, copying an Otis Redding album. Well, that really did it for me - it was too cool.

In my early school days the soul era really began. Tamla Motown popluarized soul music more than any other single label, but that wasn't equal to the "rare" vocal artistry of the "one's that got away". In Europe we had few pop radio stations so I listened avidly to Radio Luxembourg and AFN Germany. Then, I started collecting, DJing and was initiated into the British 'Northern Soul' scene, founded at such famous venues as The Twisted Wheel and The Wigan Casino - their memory haunts me still.

Eventually I moved to my home in the U.S. Oh, to be on the same soil as some of the "great artists" - heaven! The magic of the Internet lets audiences new and old hear that great music again (and what they may have missed). It never really leaves you, does it? Join Nay and I as we remember!

Nay and Jan at the controls of WSLR LPFM Radio - The DooWop2Soul Show
Nay and Jan preparing to go 'on air'.
(Photo courtesy of visiting Doowop fan Gil, from Boston, MA)

DooWop2Soul Show
DooWop2Soul Show


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